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I was hesitant to begin therapeutic massages because I had trouble believing that they would provide any relief of pain or increase flexibility. After suffering from neuromuscular pain and a lack of mobility in my right leg for over three and a half months following a bruised spine, I decided that I would call Gerard and give it a try. Following my first session with Gerard, I didn’t see much progress within the first couple of days but five days later I could sense that something was changing for the better. After spending two weeks with him, having one appointment a week for one hour, my flexibility had noticeably improved and the nerve pain that I felt radiate down my leg on a daily basis had started to subside. By the third week, I remember waking up on a Monday morning without even thinking about the nerve pain that I had previously felt. For several days following, my leg felt better than it had felt ever since I received my surgery back in June of 2016. I still visit Gerard, now on a bi-weekly basis, in order to keep up the neuromuscular stimulation that seems to help tremendously with the rejuvenation of my nerves. I seem to have regained some feeling in my shin as well, following a numbness that was contributed to the injury to my spine. I am definitely a fan of therapeutic massage after these past couple of months, and I would suggest Gerard over any other. I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing him into the healing process to help speed up the process and to solve two significant problems that I faced. He’s very knowledgeable and all out nice guy.
— University Student Athlete
The Absolute Best massage therapist anywhere is Gerard Browne at Therapeutic Body Care. He knows the body so well and will teach you so much. Call him!
— Local Business Person and Runner
I had suffered with migraines every afternoon for decades. After just two massage sessions, my headaches were interrupted and with further therapy eventually displaced.
— Local Educator
I was told by other healthcare providers that my scoliosis would never decrease. I now am walking more erect and running marathons.
— Local Healthcare Professional and Athlete
Impeded by regular foot pain, massage was the antidote to my misery.
— Working Mom
I cannot say enough good things about Ger’s work. I credit him for enabling me to still run long distances and stay competitive as a runner and a swimmer. He is professional and knowledgeable.
— Local Counselor and Athlete
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