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More and more people are recognizing the benefits of massage therapy.  A way to deal with stress, access pain relief, get help with an injury or simply de-stress; all with the common goal of helping you to live life to the full.

Whatever your reason for seeking massage, we hope that you will find Therapeutic Body Care a restful and healing place.


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I was hesitant to begin therapeutic massages because I had trouble believing that they would provide any relief of pain or increase flexibility. After suffering from neuromuscular pain and a lack of mobility in my right leg for over three and a half months following a bruised spine, I decided that I would call Gerard and give it a try. Following my first session with Gerard, I didn’t see much progress within the first couple of days but five days later I could sense that something was changing for the better. After spending two weeks with him, having one appointment a week for one hour, my flexibility had noticeably improved and the nerve pain that I felt radiate down my leg on a daily basis had started to subside. By the third week, I remember waking up on a Monday morning without even thinking about the nerve pain that I had previously felt. For several days following, my leg felt better than it had felt ever since I received my surgery back in June of 2016. I still visit Gerard, now on a bi-weekly basis, in order to keep up the neuromuscular stimulation that seems to help tremendously with the rejuvenation of my nerves. I seem to have regained some feeling in my shin as well, following a numbness that was contributed to the injury to my spine. I am definitely a fan of therapeutic massage after these past couple of months, and I would suggest Gerard over any other. I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing him into the healing process to help speed up the process and to solve two significant problems that I faced. He’s very knowledgeable and all out nice guy.
— University Student Athlete
The Absolute Best massage therapist anywhere is Gerard Browne at Therapeutic Body Care. He knows the body so well and will teach you so much. Call him!
— Local Business Person and Runner
I had suffered with migraines every afternoon for decades. After just two massage sessions, my headaches were interrupted and with further therapy eventually displaced.
— Local Educator
I was told by other healthcare providers that my scoliosis would never decrease. I now am walking more erect and running marathons.
— Local Healthcare Professional and Athlete
Impeded by regular foot pain, massage was the antidote to my misery.
— Working Mom
I cannot say enough good things about Ger’s work. I credit him for enabling me to still run long distances and stay competitive as a runner and a swimmer. He is professional and knowledgeable.
— Local Counselor and Athlete
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Gerard Browne

NC Board Certified Massage Therapist - 10849 LMBT

Certified Myoskeletal Therapist

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Originally from Ireland, Ger has made his home in the U.S. with his wife and family for more than 25 years.  

Valuing holistic care, he encourages health in body, mind and spirit.  He appreciates the opportunity to work with his clients, taking time to understand the activities which may be contributing to the presenting problem and strategizing to discover new movement habits to better alleviate this in future.

Ger is a massage therapy instructor, teaching continuing education workshops throughout North Carolina.  He also holds a third degree black belt in the Japanese Karate known as Wado Ryu and has taught this for many years as well.  Specializing in therapeutic massage, myoskeletal therapy, and sports massage, his strengths in anatomy and physiology fuel his therapeutic approach.  Ger also utilizes myofacial release techniques and thai stretching in cooperation with massage and myoskeletal therapy.  

Always seeking the clients best interest, Ger also partners with other local providers toward this end.

Ger enjoys being a part of blessing his community.  He can often be found at local races, which benefit non-profit organizations.  Stop by his tent for a massage or to schedule an appointment.

Stephanie Vazquez

NC Board Certified Massage Therapist - 17293 LMBT

Stephanie's bio photos 2.jpg

Born in California, Stephanie was raised in North Carolina. She loves calling this beautiful state home.

Stephanie enjoys playing soccer, spending time outdoors and hanging out with her sweet pups.

Therapeutic Body Care is delighted to have Stephanie as a part of it’s excellent team.